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About Us


          It has always been Teknotik's essential focus to provide our customers with the best possible performance automotive parts shopping experience anywhere in Canada for Honda and Acura vehicles. Backed by knowledge and experience, we aim to provide our clients with honest and customer specific information and recommendations. Every car is different, every owner is different; and we recognize and respond to you uniquely. From our humble opening in March of 2004, this dream has developed from a premier Toronto based storefront to later include a tuning and installation facility and now grown to focusing on our expanded customer based across Canada from coast to coast.

          Teknotik is proud to announce the opening of our brand new online web store! With the most current design and functionality, we have developed a unique vehicle specific parts lookup tool based on our years of experience and outstanding Honda and Acura knowledge. No more looking through pages and pages of parts to find the one for your car. We have spent hours photographing and indexing the parts we sell to provide you with the most accurate product specifications and detailed images, so you can see exactly what you are buying, not just another Google image. With integrated communication tools for contact and support, live chat and a new 1-800 toll free line we have established a first class infrastructure to ensure we will always maintain the same level of individualized client support and service.

          Being based in Toronto, we are proudly Canadian and are here to focus on Canadian Honda and Acura enthusiasts. We aim to provide our clients with the most competitive prices available in the country, while  being assured  they are not being subjected to exchange, duty, customs, brokerage, tariffs and additional shipping costs so commonly known when buying in the united states or overseas.

          For your convenience, you can order on-line, by telephone, or by dropping us an email. Our site will continue to grow, with added products and categories as well as useful information that will help you to get the most out of your parts. If you don’t see what you are looking for or can’t find it online, please contact us!


Eric Daoust




Teknotik was founded and began selling online through auction sites and online communities. Specializing in used JDM engines and specialized JDM parts and wheels and bringing a fresh approach to the truth surrounding imported parts helped established Teknotik strongly into a market with very low levels of service and high risk for buyers. Many customers to this day are still driving their cars with engines purchased from us online in our first year in business.
We Gained office and warehouse space in Toronto and began accepting local walk in customers paired with a webstore in our first efforts into e-commerce.
Community involvement quickly became a key in our success at local meets and events like  Darknights Nationals, Canada’s largest car show in its time.  The community building continued with Founding of Canada’s largest JDM inspired forum, a community which still actively operates online to this day with nearly 30,000 users.
Teknotik moved into a larger retail store to accommodate the growing new parts business just down the street from the old store. Our fleet of sponsored vehicles grew and so did the number of events we attended, including Total Sport Compact Ottawa and Importfest. We took the reins of location less grassroots meets and turned them into Canada’s largest annual gathering of Honda and Acura vehicles. We raced and participated in the Canadian Sport Compact Series Season with Sponsored Driver Chris H in his S2000 and wheelman brothers Kurt and Tyler G. We became a Canadian Distributor for Megan Racing and Hybrid Racing as K swap first became popular, and had one of Canada’s early K swaps under our belt with Neil W’s well known Silverstone hatch.
Attended Total Sport Compact Ottawa and was heavily awarded for display vehicles and booth.. Hosted Honda Tech 5, Canada’s largest Honda and Acura Meet. Raced and participated in the Canadian Sport Compact Series Season under a drivers Kurt G, Chris H, Nick H, We began selling Mishimoto in Canada to much early success and popularity. Notible cars bearing Teknotik’s name included Integra Type R of Matt S, EK Hatch of Kevin K, EG Hatches of Justin C, Steven H and Nick F and S2000’s of Jay C and Jacqueline W.
Sponsored EK hatch back of Steven C featured in Honda Tuning Magazine in article entitled “Teachers Pet”. Sponsored V6 EK hatch back of Phil A featured on the Cover of Honda Tuning Magazine in article entitled “Six Shooter”. Hosted Honda Tech 6, Canada’s largest Honda and Acura Meet. Raced and participated in the Canadian Sport Compact Series Season.
Teknotik relocated into a new larger location, right off the highway on Progress Ave in Toronto and opened an in house installation facility along with a larger showroom and much needed larger stock room in the newly acquired rear warehouse space. In January two of Teknotik’s Integra Type R’s were featured back to back in Honda Tuning Magazine in article” As Fate would have it”. Later that summer the much anticipated Hosted Honda Tech 7, Canada’s largest Honda and Acura meet drew in over 1500 cars. Teknotik continued to put effort into offering an increasingly varied selection of brands by adding many new brands now kept in stock such as Competition Clutch, Invidia, Hasport, Brembo and Hawk Brakes.
Community involvement continued as we raced and participated in the Canadian Sport Compact Series Season with Sponsored Driver James H Setting track records in street class that still stand today. This was the first year of our first boxing week sale, quickly realizing the excitement that such events bring with them. Over three days the store is pummeled by deal hunters. The lineup was two hours to get in! Sheer craziness.
Sponsored driver James H featured in Modified Magazine in his Integra Type R and spent the year setting records and FTD’s at almost any event he attended. Teknotik Hosted Canada’s biggest Honda and Acura meet at Mosport International Raceway - Honda Tech 8 which drew in over 2500 spectators and 1600 cars from across Canada, most notably as far as Nova Scotia. The Racing continued with  another full season in the Canadian Sport Compact Series. As the Acura NSX was quickly becoming one of our specialties for parts and service, we became a Canadian Distributor for Downforce USA products.
A much needed new web site launched in spring of 2013 with detailed installation information and updated look.  We were selected by Kraftwerks as a Canadian distributor and authorized installer for their new Rotrex based supercharger kits. These kits were put to the test Raced throughout the year in Canadian Sport Compact Series Time Attack sessions. Product line expansion continued with specialty brands CT-Engineering., Ohlins, and Planted Seat Brackets. The full J’s Racing RSX of Matt G under Team Teknotik was unveiled and established the standard for which for RSX’s in Canada are measured.
Participated in the Toronto Auto show and featured in the Sport compact Evolution section. Raced and participated in the Canadian Sport Compact Series 2014 Season with Sponsored driver Luke R ending the year on a high with a second place finish. The storefront received many new glass wall displays which allowed much more room for product displays and highlighting of new items. Lead Mechanic Colin spent 30 days in the complete disassembly and mechanical restoration of Teknotik’s Type R Styled NSX in a project that produced amazing results which was documented step by step.
Teknotik gained a new location and launched an all new webstore, turning a new page with a largescale expansion as a result of the Canada wide growth experienced over the past two years. Seen as the future of the business with the changing way our clients wanted to shop and expanded customer base, filling the much needed gap that brings together an online storefront combined with expert knowledge, multiple lines of communication and first rate service; Teknotik aims to set the bar. We hope for the completion of 3 projects for 2015 who have been many years in the making including the EG of Steven H and Avi H along with CRX of Nolan P.
In 2016 Rob Silva debuted his Honda Civic Hatchback build at CSCS Round 1 Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. Emilio Ciccarelli also showed off his Civic Hatchback with lots of new modifications and hard work during the off-season. Luke Rowley Started the season off with an entirely new chassis for Time Attack with his JDM right hand drive EG6. Mitch Syer changed up his S2K with a Voltex Race front bumper and ASM Hood. Oliver Flower started his K20 Swap in his Honda CRZ something very few have undertaken and knowing Olivers attention to detail and quality we are very excited to see what he pulls off.
For 2017 we have countinued to open new lines and brands of products to better serve our growing customer base across Canada. We strive to provide the best possible service at the lowest prices with all of our products shipping to you directly from us to ensure no additional customs or duties so commonly encountered when buying from the US.
In 2018, we expanded our product line, forging partnerships and collaborations with brands we believe in. Our commitment to delivering top-notch service and quality products remained as we continued to push boundaries, setting new standards of excellence within the automotive industry
The year 2019 marked a turning point as we embraced technological advancements to enhance the customer experience. Our online platform underwent a transformative upgrade, offering a more intuitive interface, streamlined purchasing process, and enhanced customer support features. This digital evolution was a testament to our dedication to staying at the forefront of convenience and efficiency for our customers.
2020 brought unforeseen challenges with the global pandemic. Despite the obstacles, we remained resilient and adapted swiftly to the changing landscape. Our commitment to serving the community remained firm, as we focused on securing inventory and our shipping processes.
The year 2021 was a testament to our team's commitment to innovation as we welcomed a new employee Cameron to head social media and marketing. Despite the ongoing challenges posed by the global pandemic, we remained strong in our pursuit of excellence and dedication to serving our community of automotive enthusiasts.
The year 2022 was marked by unwavering dedication to our mission of fueling the passion of automotive enthusiasts and propelling the industry forward.