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  1. Gift Certificate


    Not sure what that special someone or buddy wants for his/her car? Know they are saving for that one part they really want and you want to help out? Birthdays, Christmas, Graduations - These are the perfect gift!

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  2. PRL Motorsports 2.0T Stage 1 Intake System


    3D scanning and silicone technology has allowed us to offer a stock replacement intake hose that is better looking, more durable and out performs the corrugated OEM intake hose. Our silicone intake hose is constructed of the same high quality 4-ply silicone as the rest of our couplers and features a perfectly smooth-finish transition for optimal air flow. The pleats found in the OEM hose makes disrupts air flow, which limits power potential and throttle response. Fits 2018+ 2.0L Turbo Accord Models.

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  3. Rally Armor 2017-2018 Civic Type R Mud Flaps


    Honda Civic Type R owners know what they want and are committed to protecting their rides with the best of the best. Rally Armor UR mud flaps for the FK8 gen are crafted from the sought after polyurethane, hailed for its flexible characteristics in high heat as well as sub-zero temperatures.

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  4. AEM X-Series Wideband UEGO AFR Sensor Controller Gauge

    Regular Price: $339.99

    Special Price: $244.99

    AEM’s X-Series Wideband UEGO Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor Controller Gauges are built upon unique, patented 100% Digital technology that makes them the fastest responding wideband air/fuel ratio controllers in independent testing.

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  5. HKS Intercooler Piping Kit

    Regular Price: $399.99

    Special Price: $379.99

    The HKS Intercooler Piping Kit for the new 2017+ Civic Type R is engineered to smooth flow and prevent piping deformation! This kit includes hot and cold side pipes with the necessary clamps and bands to fit perfectly with the OEM or OEM style intercoolers. The aluminum piping ensures zero deformation under vacuum with smooth walls for laminar air flow. Fits 2017+ Honda Civic Type R.

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  6. Radium Coolant Tank Kit

    Regular Price: $4,599.99

    Special Price: $399.99

    The unsightly plastic coolant tank located under the hood of the FK8 Civic Type-R now has an upgrade. Plastic coolant tanks have a reputation of failing, and Radium now offers a bolt-in CNC machined aluminum replacement. This kit is designed to directly replace the OEM tank without the need to make any permanent modifications to the vehicle. The specially designed mounting bracket attaches to existing OEM threaded holes. The Radium fittings interface with the factory coolant lines and the coolant tank functions in the same manner as the OEM system.

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  7. Mishimoto Performance Air Intake Type-R

    Regular Price: $584.99

    Special Price: $474.99

    It’s time to turn up the heat on your hot-Honda with the Mishimoto Performance Intake Kit for your 2017+ Honda Civic Type R. Even though the CTR is the cream of the crop when it comes to Honda’s compact chassis, it’s still a mass-produced car, meaning there is room to improve, especially when it comes to the intake system.

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  8. Hasport B-Series AWD Mount Kit

    Regular Price: $524.99

    Special Price: $489.99

    Performance mount kit for use with the stock B-series engine (with 3-bolt left-hand mount bracket) and AWD transmission in the 1994-2001 Integra, 1992-1995 Honda Civic, 1993-1997 Honda Del Sol. This kit replaces the stock left, right and rear mounts.

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  9. Skunk2 Alpha Series Header

    Regular Price: $659.99

    Special Price: $629.99

    Skunk2 is proud to announce its all-new Alpha Series Header for the ’06-’11 Civic Si. Patterned after our already popular and dyno-proven MegaPower Headers, which have been used by leading, competitive race teams for years, Skunk2’s Alpha Series Header employs many of the same design characteristics and technology. Our decision to produce the Alpha Series Header was driven by our desire to make our race-proven design more affordable and accessible to everyday enthusiasts. New manufacturing techniques allow us to do so at a lower overall cost, making race-winning header technology available to everyone. Skunk2’s Alpha Series Header for the eighth-generation Civic Si offers Skunk2 performance, industry-leading customer service, and a full warranty policy, all at a price comparable to lesser budget-minded headers. Unlike the budget-minded headers, though, only Skunk2 Alpha Series Headers ensure precise fitment and the peace of mind of knowing that a Skunk2 representative is just a phone call or email away.

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  10. Hasport K20Z/K24Z & AWD Trans Mount Kit

    Regular Price: $724.99

    Special Price: $669.99

    Hasport's 92-95 Civic / 94-01 Integra EGK5 K-swap mount kit features Hasport's patent pending dual height engine mounts while adapting K20A/Z and K24A/Z engines with manual transmissions from 12-15 Civic Si, 09-14 TSX, 08-12 Accord M/T, 03-04 CRV M/T AWD, and 03-11 Element M/T AWD.

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  11. Invidia Q300 Cat Back Exhaust w/ Titanium Burnt Tips Sport Hatchback

    Regular Price: $1,379.99

    Special Price: $1,019.99

    Invidia Q300 Cat-Back Exhaust System that is now available for the 2017+ Honda Civic Sport Hatchback models. This is a high-performance exhaust system that features larger piping diameter and smooth bends that will relieve your engine of the restrictions based on the factory design for improved performance.

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  12. Thermal R&D Catback/Frontpipe Exhaust System Si Coupe

    Regular Price: $1,349.99

    Special Price: $1,299.99

    Thermal R&D wasted no time developing an exhaust system for the 2017+ Honda Civic Si Coupe. Optimizing the sound to be more aggressive (without allowing drone) and the tip section were executed beautifully as part of an overall high quality upgrade that this car deserved. This 3” cat back exhaust system that maintains all the original hangers and is a direct fit install.

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