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  1. Acuity Shift Knob Charm Rings and Charm Chains

    Regular Price: $12.24

    Special Price: $10.88

    ACUiTY's Charm Chains and patent pending Charm Rings are an interesting new way to personalize your shifter. Use these along with one of ACUiTY's Shift Knob Charms to add a final personal touch to your shifter.

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  2. Acuity Season 1 Shift Knob Charms

    Regular Price: $23.12

    Special Price: $20.40

    ACUiTY's Shift Knob Charms are a unique new way to personalize your shifter. Charms are sold individually. These represent Season 1 of ACUiTY's Shift Knob Charm lineup with more releases planned for the future.

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    Regular Price: $34.00

    Special Price: $27.20

    Check out our newest cam seals featuring laser engraved Blox Racing logo and our tag line - Power Your Passion! Our new cam seals are CNC-machined from high quality billet aluminum and feature three O-rings. Each piece is anodized for durability and offers maximum protection against oil leaks compared to OEM or other aftermarket cam seals. BLOX Racing always recommends brand new cam seals whenever servicing, removing and replacing camshafts. So get one today and be prepared to work on your engine! Fits Honda and Acura B-series and H-series engines.

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  4. Hybrid Racing Heavy-Duty Honda Transmission Detent Springs S2K


    The Honda S2000 is hailed as having one of the best feeling factory shifters and transmissions of all time, but now that the newest S2000 is at least 15 years old, some could use a refresh.

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  5. Clutch Masters Willwood Master Cylinder Upgrade Kit Black

    Regular Price: $367.54

    Special Price: $330.79

    When upgrading your clutch, don't overlook upgrading your clutch master cylinder as well. Typically the OEM master cylinder will work just fine, but sometimes that master cylinder is getting old and tired and possibly might be leaking. Or maybe your want just a little bit more crisper pedal feel when operating your clutch. Upgrading to the Clutch Masters X Wilwood Clutch Master Cylinder will make sure your clutch hydraulic system is up to snuff and able to handle more aggressive driving.

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  6. Acuity 10th Gen Civic Stage 2 Shift Kit (for non-FK8's)

    Regular Price: $454.24

    Special Price: $412.08

    This kit is designed to turn the 10th Gen Civic's OEM shifter into a finely tuned piece of machinery. The short throw adapter and rocker upgrade help to reduce both gear throw (foward/back motion) and gate spacing (left/right motion) while stiffening up gear engagement and lateral feel. The shift cable bushings and shifter base bushings help to remove unwanted compliance from OEM rubber bushings to help remove flex while improving tactile feel. The upgraded centering spring helps to make quicken centering action for a snappier feel while removing unwanted lateral play while in gear or in neutral. Consider adding optional shift knobs or shift boot collars to further customize the feel or style of your shifter. Add the interior panel removal tools as affordable protection against damaging interior panels during installation.

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  7. B-STOCK Skunk2 Alpha Series Header 8th Gen Civic Si

    Regular Price: $768.60

    Special Price: $468.13

    Skunk B-Stock Headers are a new in box product with all the pieces required for installation, BUT they have minor fitment issues that are resolved through the use of stiffened rear motor mount and minor modification of the undercarriage of the car. For contact-less fitment, the installer must clear a small area on the undercarriage of the 06-11 Civic Si so that the header can comfortably fit without contacting the firewall or undercarriage.

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  8. Skunk2 Ultra Valve Springs and Spring Base Kit - Honda K20C1 / K20C4

    Regular Price: $530.40

    Special Price: $480.01

    Skunk2 Valve springs allow for improved engine valve control and additional cam lift beyond what is possible with OEM valve springs, and are required when running High-Lift performance camshafts.

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  9. Hybrid Racing Short Shifter Assembly Red


    The performance of a shifter is everything. It can mean the difference between winning a race and missing a shift, and a high-quality shifter can make your car shift like a new, high-performance machine. Years ago, when we developed our first short shifter, we knew that the combination of quality parts and design would set the standard for shifting perfection. With over 15 years of experience in shifter manufacturing and design, we have applied all of our resources to develop the next generation of shifting bliss.

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  10. Acuity 9th Gen Civic Stage 2.5 Shift Kit (Si Only)

    Regular Price: $772.48

    Special Price: $700.40

    This is the best of the best in 9th Gen Civic Si shifting. The shifter's feature list is substantial: incredibly rigid frame, adjustable gear throw and gate spacing, incredible throw reduction ability, adjustable knob height and position, and upgraded centering spring are just a few of the shifter's many features. Combine that with our industry leading shifter cable bushings and you have a match made in heaven. The feel will remind you daily that you've tuned your shifting system to the same level as iconic cars like the Team Honda Research West endurance FK8 or Kevin Boehm's 2019 time attack car. Add one of our optional ESCO or POCO knobs and/or a shift boot collars to further customize the look and feel of your shifter. If you think you'd like even snappier centering action, consider adding our transmission centering springs. Consider adding our interior panel removal tools as an affordable way of protecting your plastic trim panels during installation.

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  11. Skunk2 Intercooler Kit 1.5T

    Regular Price: $1,427.99

    Special Price: $1,359.99

    Optimal cooling is imperative for performance and reliability, especially for turbocharged applications. Skunk2’s complete Intercooler Kit for the 2016 to 2021 Honda Civic 1.5T engine delivers a bolt-on solution that reduces intake air temperatures to maximize your engines performance.

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  12. Skunk2 Ultra Stage 1 Camshaft - Honda K20C1

    Regular Price: $2,040.00

    Special Price: $1,942.86

    Skunk2 Ultra Stage 1 Camshafts for K20C1 are designed as a true drop-in performance camshaft that is compatible with stock valve springs, retains stock idling characteristics and makes 25-40+ bhp gains throughout the powerband up to 8000rpm.

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