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  1. Hybrid Racing Heavy-Duty Honda Transmission Detent Springs S2K

    Regular Price: $42.89

    Special Price: $40.74

    The Honda S2000 is hailed as having one of the best feeling factory shifters and transmissions of all time, but now that the newest S2000 is at least 15 years old, some could use a refresh.

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  2. Hybrid Racing B-Series Formula Spark Plug Cover

    Regular Price: $83.19

    Special Price: $79.03

    Honda's winning Formula One history can't be ignored or forgotten. In the 1980s, the groundbreaking VTEC system that was developed for Honda's road cars was certainly inspired by F1 engine technology. We pay homage to those legendary engines with our B-Series spark plug cover. Inspired by the design of some of the most iconic racing engines, this plug cover is finely constructed from aluminum and anodized black for a smooth matte finish.

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  3. Acuity POCO Insulated Low-Profile Shift Knob (M10X1.5)

    Regular Price: $159.82

    Special Price: $142.79

    With its low-profile, reduced shift throw, clean shift boot integration, and insulated outer shell, the POCO-Insulated makes for an excellent driving experience. In recent years, countersunk knobs have become a popular way to achieve shorter shift throws and reduced knob height without modifying the shifter itself. A core problem with most countersunk knobs is that they don't fit well to the shift boot, leaving the shift boot to sag and the shift lever exposed. ACUiTY's POCO knob is the answer with its low height and built-in shift boot collar, the combination of which permits a very low shift knob height combined with a clean fitting shift boot.

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  4. Goodridge G-Stop Brake Line Kit Hatchback

    Regular Price: $287.18

    Special Price: $198.05

    Goodridge G-Stop 2016-2021 Civic hatchback Brake Line Kits are constructed from the finest quality hose, consisting of a PTFE inner and stainless steel overbraid.

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  5. Clutch Masters Willwood Master Cylinder Upgrade Kit Black

    Regular Price: $354.03

    Special Price: $318.63

    When upgrading your clutch, don't overlook upgrading your clutch master cylinder as well. Typically the OEM master cylinder will work just fine, but sometimes that master cylinder is getting old and tired and possibly might be leaking. Or maybe your want just a little bit more crisper pedal feel when operating your clutch. Upgrading to the Clutch Masters X Wilwood Clutch Master Cylinder will make sure your clutch hydraulic system is up to snuff and able to handle more aggressive driving.

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  6. Acuity 2-Way Adjustable Performance Shifter EM2/RSX/K-Swaps

    Regular Price: $537.10

    Special Price: $483.39

    Easily the most capable RSX shifter, the beauty of the ACUiTY 2-Way Adjustable Performance Shifter is due in part to the careful attention to detail and rigorous testing that went into its nearly 1.5-year design process.

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  7. Hybrid Racing Short Shifter Assembly Red

    Regular Price: $547.29

    Special Price: $519.92

    The performance of a shifter is everything. It can mean the difference between winning a race and missing a shift, and a high-quality shifter can make your car shift like a new, high-performance machine. Years ago, when we developed our first short shifter, we knew that the combination of quality parts and design would set the standard for shifting perfection. With over 15 years of experience in shifter manufacturing and design, we have applied all of our resources to develop the next generation of shifting bliss.

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  8. Skunk2 Intercooler Kit 1.5T

    Regular Price: $1,375.49

    Special Price: $1,309.99

    Optimal cooling is imperative for performance and reliability, especially for turbocharged applications. Skunk2’s complete Intercooler Kit for the 2016 to 2021 Honda Civic 1.5T engine delivers a bolt-on solution that reduces intake air temperatures to maximize your engines performance.

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