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  1. Acuity Podium Oil Cap in Satin Finish

    Regular Price: $115.99

    Special Price: $104.39

    Every gear-head has struggled to remove a stuck oil cap at some point. With cross-holes, a hex, and a unique, easy-to-grip profile, the Podium Oil Cap by ACUiTY is meant to shine when others would leave you in a literal bind. Remove it by hand using the scalloped profile, or for stubborn cases, use a screwdriver in the cross-holes or a socket on the hex to loosen it.

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  2. StopTech Street Brake Pads Si Coupe/Sedan

    Regular Price: $121.79

    Special Price: $109.03

    StopTech offers a wide selection of replacement, high performance, work duty and racing brake pads to fit both OEM calipers and StopTech Big Brake Kits. Choosing the correct friction formula for your particular application is essential for optimizing brake system performance and reliability. That’s why StopTech’s engineering team carefully selects and tests each friction compound to ensure proper stopping performance throughout the lifetime of the brake pad. With our own internal Friction Lab, four in-house brake dynos and real-world, on-vehicle testing, StopTech is the aftermarket leader in brake pads and shoes. Fits 2017-2018 Honda Civic Si Coupe/Sedan.

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  3. Rally Armor Mud Flaps Sport and Sport Touring


    Sport Touring owners seeking the best of the best can now turn to Rally Armor UR mud flaps for their 10th gen Honda Civics. Fabricated from pliant yet ultra hardy polyurethane, our material stands up to high heat as well as sub-zero temperatures.

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  4. PRL Motorsports Stage 1 Intake System 1.5T


    The PRL Motorsports Stage 1 Intake System offers great gains at an affordable price. This kit replaces the corrugated factory inlet hose with our better looking, smoother flowing 4-ply silicone hose and high flow air filter. The pleats found in the factory hose makes disrupts air flow, which limits power potential and throttle response.

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  5. Acuity K-Series Fuel Rail in Satin Finish

    Regular Price: $324.79

    Special Price: $274.91

    Whether upgrading for additional fuel delivery needs, to run upgraded fuel lines, or to simply clean up your engine bay, ACUiTY's K-Series High-Flow Fuel Rail is the most versatile and refined solution available.

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  6. Grams Performance Dual Fuel Pump Hanger EG/DC/EK

    Regular Price: $545.19

    Special Price: $504.59

    GRAMS Performance & Design 92-00 Honda Civic/ 94-01 Acura Integra Dual Fuel Pump Hanger. Dual Fuel Pump Hanger Setup designed to drop into the factory fuel tank. Helps overcome fuel starvation issues inherent in single fuel pump systems and is rated up to 600hp on the stock fuel setup.

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  7. Mishimoto Performance Air Intake Type-R

    Regular Price: $719.19

    Special Price: $574.99

    It’s time to turn up the heat on your hot-Honda with the Mishimoto Performance Intake Kit for your 2017+ Honda Civic Type R. Even though the CTR is the cream of the crop when it comes to Honda’s compact chassis, it’s still a mass-produced car, meaning there is room to improve, especially when it comes to the intake system.

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  8. Hybrid Racing Short Shifter Assembly V3

    Regular Price: $626.39

    Special Price: $579.99

    The new V3 RSX Short Shifter not only sits on a stronger and lighter steel frame but the internal spring also keeps the motion totally fluid through all gears. The four-link design offers adjustable short and crisp shifts while keeping parts to the minimum.

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  9. PRL Motorsports Titanium Turbocharger Inlet Pipe Kit

    Regular Price: $823.59

    Special Price: $669.99

    The PRL Motorsports Turbocharger Inlet Pipe Kit is a direct bolt-on upgrade that eliminates airflow restriction before the turbocharger, allowing the turbocharger to operate more efficiently. Our design utilizes a cast aluminum inlet piece to allow smooth transition from the gasket-matched 64mm ID compressor inlet to a 80mm OD / 78mm ID oulet throughout the Titanium crossover pipe. This kit the largest inlet pipe available and offers over a 50% increase in airflow volume in comparison to the factory inlet pipe!

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  10. BLOX Racing Turbo Downpipe and Frontpipe FK8

    Regular Price: $1,020.79

    Special Price: $846.79

    BLOX Racing's downpipe kit set features a combination of a front pipe and a non-catted downpipe that are made from high quality, T304 stainless steel tubing.

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  11. Megan Racing EZ Street Coilover Kit Si

    Regular Price: $1,229.59

    Special Price: $1,043.99

    Our EZ Street Series coilover system for the Honda Civic has been developed prioritizing ride comfort for those who are seeking to increase the vehicle's exterior aesthetics while still retaining a nice ride. By retaining the factory oem top mounts, road noise is further insulated and kept away from the interior cabin. However with a slight increase of spring rates over stock and sport tuned shock valving, our kit is still more than capable enough for spirited driving and even some track abuse.

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  12. Takeda Black Series Momentum Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake System w/Pro 5R Filter

    Regular Price: $1,600.79

    Special Price: $1,564.83

    Draw attention to your Type R's engine bay with this race-inspired carbon fiber cold air intake system. With a massive air filter and dyno-tuned intake tube, it's sure to perform as good as it looks.

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