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  1. R-Spec Interiors Alcantara Shift Boot Red with Black Stitching


    The factory 10th generation Honda Civic arguably has one of the best interiors ever offered in a Civic, but that doesn't mean it can't get better. The R-Spec Interior Alcantara shift boot adds a nice high-end touch to an otherwise great interior.

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  2. Acuity Super-Cooler, Reverse-Flow, Silicone Radiator Hoses

    Regular Price: $209.44

    Special Price: $189.04

    ACUiTY's Super-Cooler, Reverse-Flow Silicone Radiator Hoses can help your FK8 to run cooler while using superior materials to help better deal with increased underhood temperatures. By reversing water flow through the radiator, these hoses actually help your FK8 to cool itself more efficiently.

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  3. Skunk2 K-Series Billet Drop In Oil Pan Baffle K20A/A2/Z1

    Regular Price: $287.95

    Special Price: $252.00

    The Skunk2 Racing K-Series Billet Drop-in Oil Pan Baffle is for the serious hardcore racer. The baffle easily installs onto an existing K20A/K20A2/K20Z1 OEM Honda/Acura Oil Pan. The baffle sits flush with the oil pan floor and essentially “Boxes In” the Oil Sump Arm thus preventing Oil Sloshing/Oil Starvation under intense cornering, braking, and accelerating.

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  4. Skunk2 Pro Camber Kit Rear

    Regular Price: $414.79

    Special Price: $394.39

    Skunk2’s Hard Anodized Rear Camber Kit for the 2016-2020 Civic is based off of the same adjustable camber kit technology the company has been using on its own race cars for more than a decade. Thanks to the new and unique telescoping, opposing-thread design, camber adjustments can now be made without having to disconnect the arm from the chassis. Simply loosen the jam nuts and twist for easy and fast positive or negative camber adjustments.

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  5. Hybrid Racing Short Shifter Assembly Red


    The performance of a shifter is everything. It can mean the difference between winning a race and missing a shift, and a high-quality shifter can make your car shift like a new, high-performance machine. Years ago, when we developed our first short shifter, we knew that the combination of quality parts and design would set the standard for shifting perfection. With over 15 years of experience in shifter manufacturing and design, we have applied all of our resources to develop the next generation of shifting bliss.

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  6. PRL Motosports 1.5T Intercooler Upgrade Kit

    Regular Price: $972.39

    Special Price: $883.99

    It’s no secret that Honda’s 1.5L turbo Civic is extremely susceptible to heat-soak, especially when retaining the factory intercooler. Excessive heat-soak increases the risk of detonation and causes major power-loss due to high charge air and cylinder temperatures.

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  7. Skunk2 Pro-ST Coilovers 10th Gen Si

    Regular Price: $1,399.99

    Special Price: $1,329.99

    Skunk2’s Pro-ST Coilover Kits are engineered to racing specifications from over 25 years of testing on winning racing teams. Integrating the highest-level technologies into an affordable street-spec coilover, our systems are the perfect, affordable solution for your daily driven performance vehicle. With 12-way damping level selection and ride height adjustability, you can quickly change your suspension to tackle bumpy city streets or extremely smooth racetrack tarmac with ease.

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  8. Competition Clutch Stage 2 Organic Clutch Kit and 22lbs Steel Flywheel

    Regular Price: $1,537.07

    Special Price: $1,414.11

    Competition Clutch’s new clutch kits for the Honda L15B7 include the clutch kit and steel flywheel. The dimensions are upgraded from the OE 230mm assembly to 240mm to replicate the FK8 Type R clutch. The increased surface area provides a clutch with smoother engagement and higher torque-handling capacity a minimum of 136-percent over the original equipment unit.

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