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  1. Karcepts S2000 Front Sway Bar Center Section


    Experiment with your Karcepts sway bar stiffness range by utilizing an alternate sway bar center section.

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  2. Karcepts S2000 Rear Sway Bar Kit


    The Karcepts S2000 Rear Sway Bar Kit was designed specifically for square tire setups, but may additionally be used by anyone looking to tame down the on-throttle oversteer characteristics of their S2000. The large OEM rear S2000 sway bar is fun to drift around, but is not always the quickest way around course. This sway bar kit achieves near OEM stiffness on it's full stiff setting, yet allows you to soften the rear bar tremendously. The ability to run a softer rear bar still maintains mid-corner rotation benefits, yet helps put power down better by eliminating too much on-throttle oversteer. With 13 available stiffness settings, the perfect compromise can be found for every driving style.

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  3. Karcepts FC/FK Rear Sway Bar Kit


    Designed specifically for track/autocross use, the Karcepts 10th Gen (2016+/FC/FK) Honda Civic Rear Sway Bar Kit is a no compromise race product. This kit offers an enormous adjustment range, 7 possible sway bar rate settings, super quick adjustability, maximum stiffness with minimal weight, and only the highest quality components.

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  4. Karcepts S2000 Front Sway Bar Kit


    One wrench, two minutes. That's all that is needed to adjust chassis balance with this sway bar kit.

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