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  1. Skunk2 Ultra Stage 1 Camshaft - Honda K20C1

    Regular Price: $2,100.00

    Special Price: $2,000.00

    Skunk2 Ultra Stage 1 Camshafts for K20C1 are designed as a true drop-in performance camshaft that is compatible with stock valve springs, retains stock idling characteristics and makes 25-40+ bhp gains throughout the powerband up to 8000rpm.

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  2. Skunk2 Ultra Race Billet Intake Manifold Honda K20C1/K20C4

    Regular Price: $2,590.00

    Special Price: $2,465.40

    The Skunk2 Billet Ultra-Race Series Intake Manifold for Honda K20C1 / K20C4 engines solves the problems you will encounter when trying to push high boost to make Big Power. All Ultra Manifolds feature tapered runners with trumpet profiled entries and plenums that have been designed and optimized using CFD. Compared to the OEM plastic manifold, the Skunk2 Ultra Manifold has a larger plenum and runners for higher horsepower engines and won't come apart like OEM when boost pressure is turned up.

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  3. Skunk2 K-Series Billet Crankshaft

    Regular Price: $2,939.99

    Special Price: $2,659.99

    This time around Skunk2 has created a lightweight and aero contoured 106mm Billet K Series Crankshaft. Skunk2 Crankshafts are made from the finest grade 4340 steel billet material for unmatched durability. The aerodynamic contoured counter weight design, gun drilled and CNC direct shot oil holes are what sets it apart from the other aftermarket or OEM crankshafts. The aero contoured counter weights design reduces windage and creates less oil resistance which in return produces horse power gains. The Gun Drilling lightens the total weight of the crank and adds strength, the direct shot oil holes create priority oiling all are advantages that impact track performance. Nitride, surface finish and exacting tolerances make for the best bang for the buck crankshaft.

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